Corey Haim Shirtless

Corey Haim Shirtless photos can’t be found all over the net. I have searched thoroughly, but I can’t find one. If you have some shirtles, topless photos of him, naked or sunbathing on beach, please let me know. We are regretting his unfortunate death, Corey Haim finishes his life at 38, to early and left the crowd crying for this talent.

In addition, we are bringing you some of Corey Haim’s most popular photos, enjoy it:

Corey Haim

Corey Haim

Corey Haim

Corey Haim Crank High Voltage


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One response to “Corey Haim Shirtless

  1. Mimi Lachance

    I don’t think there are any, actually, sad to say. If there are I’m surprised, although I did see one picture of Haim with an open shirt exposing his torso,
    He’s also holding a mic in his right hand. Maybe you’ve seen it?
    Anyways, yes, it is a tragity of his early and unwanted death. I know this is a cruel thing to say but I for one blame his mother.

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